Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

Reviews about Louise Ashby

Minnie Driver
"I believe that Louise's work, shining through her extraordinary abilities as a motivational speaker, is of paramount Importance to anyone going through adversity or needing direction."

Montel Williams
I have firsthand witnessed Louise's ability as a motivational speaker and can attest to the powerful and inspirational effect she has on her audience

Shari Royal
Her incredible ability to touch people through her speaking, writing and life coaching is undeniable. She manages effortlessly to deliver thought provoking presentations and works with people who wish to go forward in life with positive thought and confidence in order to achieve success.

Jason Garrett
Louise is one of the most charming and captivating people I know.
She is a true people person, able to get along with, inspire and motivate anyone

David Roche
Louise Ashby brings deep heart and strong competence to her work whether with large audiences or individuals. She is particularly able to perceive people exactly where they are at and to help them move forward from there. She has been an important influence on my life.

Margie Friedman
Louise is passionate about what she does and conveys that passion and caring to others.

Neil Willenson
I am very grateful for the profound impact she has made on the lives of our children