Louise Ashby Bio

With an amazing life story full of twists of fate, actress and model Louise Ashby is a remarkable young woman who, facing monumental obstacles beat the odds. The radical changes that Louise was forced to endure did not dis-empower her. To the contrary, she steadfastly pursued her lifelong goals and found success. This story is one of strength and hope, an affirmation of human willpower in the face of tragedy.

At twenty-one, Louise, was a gorgeous young woman working in London as an actress and model, one of a small group of working thespians, that were on the cusp of stardom. Louise was introduced to the industry at an early age, as her father, John Ashby, is a leading show business agent of Britain’s top talent as well as legendary musicians such as Liza Minnelli, Barry Manilow, Shirley Bassey, Petula Clark and many more. Her mother, Lynda Westover, was a sixties model and actress, who appeared in the television show "Space 1999" with Martin Landau. Lynda had been ill for five years when she became terminal. Louise witnessed the strength and courage of a woman who never gave up, but eventually lost her long battle with leukemia in 1991. In 1992, cut adrift by the loss and fortified by her mother’s example, Louise took the plunge and moved thousands of miles away from home, to Los Angeles. From the age of four her dream had been to live and work in Hollywood and find success in the entertainment industry.

A month after arriving in Los Angeles, Louise was the victim of what city authorities attest was the worst auto accident in the area in thirty years. A retired physician, seventy-five years old, driving on the wrong side of the road, hit Louise’s car head on. The impact was so sever that Louise had to be extracted from the car by a device called "The Jaws of Life" which, effectively, cuts the car away from the body. The scene was amassed with fire engines, paramedics and police cars. Louise, who was wearing her seat belt, had hit the upper frame of the windshield with her face. The left side of her skull was crushed; her brain completely exposed. Ironically, the other passenger in Louise’s car walked away virtually unscathed, as did the driver of the other vehicle. It was later determined that Louise’s car, unbeknownst to her, had been a "salvaged vehicle", meaning that it had been pieced together using faulty parts.

The accident left Louise facially disfigured. She lost the vision in her left eye, her senses of smell and taste and lost the front left lobe of her brain, which incurred invisible challenges. Taking ten years, 238 metal bolts and plates and 22 reconstructive surgeries, Louise is once again pursuing her dreams, but due to her accident they have changed.

Louise was able to continue her acting career but realized she wanted to use her experience to help others going through trauma. She had learned too much about herself, survival and most importantly about making the choice to move forward and not dwell after being through a trauma. In 2002 Louise had a memoir published, “The Magic of the Mask.” After the release, Louise appeared on many shows Worldwide speaking about her story and the children’s charity she formed with her reconstructive surgeon to give children a voice and to pay for the health care the children needed. She appeared on Larry King Live, Barbara Walters, Montel Williams, A Current Affair and 100’s of shows Worldwide as well as publications. The letters she received made Louise more passionate about what she was doing and with the knowledge she was exactly where she needed to be.

Louise attributes her healing and return to her life to the Law of Attraction and from witnessing her mother’s journey through cancer. Louise did daily meditations and visualizations of herself as “put-back-together.” All of her seven doctors told her it wasn’t possible but she wouldn’t take no for an answer and continued visualizing. Today her doctors use her story when they lecture, about how she didn’t have room for doubt in her recovery and that is why she is in the position she’s in. Her face is fixed and her spirit strong.

Today Louise is working on her second memoir, and several other books including; a children’s book, a self-help book. She also travels the World speaking, teaching workshops. Louise has her own company where she works as a Life Architect, helping others rebuild their lives including working with non profits and most recently veterans returning from war who are suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injuries and other life changing injuries or addiction. Louise also works as a clairvoyant.